Crystalized Titanium and Gem Bronze Bar stock

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Crystalized Titanium and Gem Bronze Bar stock 

Small and large crystalized titanium barstock available 

Available in 1 inch and 1.25 material, sold per inch

 Sold per inch, precut in 1" pieces but if multiple inches are purchased please leave a note on order or send an email with order number to if a one piece is required 

How to reveal the crystal pattern in Titanium material

Growing crystals consist of substructures that are oriented in the same crystallographic plane, which is different in each crystal.

This is why a 3d effect appears when crystals reflect light at different angles on an absolutely smooth surface and a feeling of "faceted" surface is created.

We recommend etching the material a little in Multi-etch or 3-4% hydrofluoric acid (or in a rust remover with HF) before electro anodizing.

Making color (thermal oxidation ).
Before thermal oxidation with a gas burner, the product must be well degreased (wash with soap, wash in alcohol or acetone, We do this in an ultrasonic bath). wipe well with a napkin.

Next, HEAT THE MATERIAL IN AN ELECTRIC OVEN , to yellow (300-400 degrees Celsius) this is necessary so that the water (which appears from the chemical reaction of propane with oxygen) with dissolved hydrocarbons from the flame does not condense on the surface of the product.

This will help to avoid the appearance of spots and films on the surface (otherwise the crystals will not be as visible).

After, heat the material with a gas burner, evenly, with short interruptions in heating (1-2 seconds). When heated, the colors on the surface are in this sequence 1st yellow, 2nd violet, 3rd blue, cyan, gray ("steel color).

The crystals on these colors are neither contrasting nor bright. If you continue heating, then the second colors will appear (First yellow , then purple, blue and the last is green) on which the crystals become bright, contrasting and with their own color.