JDG ring Crafters expanding ring mandrel

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The JDG ring Crafters mandrels, made from premium mild steel.

JDG ring Crafters Mandrels are a perfect fit for ring makers trying to get started at a lower cost than our stainless steel JDG Pro expanding ring mandrels. 

Available in 2 sizes ( refer to SIZING chart for international sizes)



These mandrels are great for work holding rings and round objects for turning, 1/2 inch shaft sizes for easy lathe mounting.

Collet morse taper chucks available separately 

A small lip is machined on the last step for ease of ring mounting to get a secure grip. 

Over expansion will affect the run out and may cause damage to the mandrel. tension should not be kept for extended lengths of time and released when not in use to provide optimal life to mandrels.

Care should be taken when using water and solvents always wipe off the mandrels when not in use.

Proudly made by us in North America

These mandrels are consumables and should be replaced when worn out, show signs of extreme wear and/or broken, replacement screws are also available. 

Includes 1 key per mandrel