Bangle core, Stainless Steel

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Bangle core, Stainless Steel 2 piece

Size 7.5 Bangle size ( 61.50 mm /  2.42 inches ) 

Size 8 Bangle size ( 64.90 mm / 2.55 inches ) 

Inlay Material width 0.7110 inches/ 18.06 mm, min blank size needed is approx 3 inches / 74 mm

Total overall finished width .87 inches / 22.13 mm 

Graded 316 Stainless steel and fully polished exterior, threaded 2 piece bangle 

Project blanks available separately or as a Combo Pack 

Bangle making instructions

       1.Find the center of blank and mark

  1. Mount blank in a chuck and align the center
  2. Use a hole saw or forstner bit  to cut a hole undersize to final dimensions needed, based on bangle size. Care is needed to prevent heat buildup
  3. Turn the inside hole to the dimension of the inside of bangle channel (based on  bangle size)
  4. Face the blank flat and rotate in chuck or turn to final width of inlay.
  5. Glue the inlay in bangle channel and screw blank together (we recommend testing dry before applying glue)
  6. Mount and turn the bangle to final size
  7. Sand and Finish the bangle
  8. Polish and clean any glue left on the bangle.